A new generation of wireless sensors for integrated precise agriculture
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An integrated Precision Agriculture (PA) system for the precise management of crops integrating several of the main practices of PA.

The AgriProbe concept is a modular device featuring specific modules for sensors, energy supply and communications, tailored for each specific agricultural application.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the ever growing demand for more agricultural products forced farmers to adopt resource-intensive and unsustainable practices which increased economic and environmental costs. Precision agriculture (PA), one of the most significant advancement in agriculture since the advent of mechanization, allows taking into account the spatial and temporal needs of soil and crop to maximize production and profitability while minimizing risk.

Wireless sensors networks have recently emerged as one of the key technologies to implement precision agriculture and have already been applied to precision irrigation, the application of water to a given site in a volume and at a time needed for optimum crop production. However, up to now, the lack of adequate sensors for soil fertilizers sensing prevented the implementation of WSNs for site specific fertilization, the application of the right amount of fertilizers at the right time in the right place.

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